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Chemosynthesis Homework 3 Question Answers

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Question 1

Use the cultural dimension listed in Figure 3.5 to assess the culture of your school. Instead of employees, consider students, and instead of management, use faculty. For example, member identity refers to the degree to which students identify with the school as a whole rather than their major or option. Either as individuals or in small groups, rate the culture of your school on the 10 dimensions.

Study Major

1. Member Identity



2. Team emphasis



3. Faculty Focus



4. Unit Integration



5. Control



6. Risk Tolerance



7. Reward Criteria



8. Conflict Tolerance



9. Means-Ends Orientation



10. Open System Focus


a. What dimensions were easy to evaluate and which ones were not?

1, 2, 5, 6 and 7 are easier to evaluate as we as students could experience and observe these dimension during our times in university. However for 3, 4, 8, 9 and 10 are harder to evaluate as we do not really know how the management really work. Hence, more in-depth understandings are required for the university’s culture.

b. How strong is the culture of your school?

The culture of University of Malaya is very strong as the university’s culture has been instilled in all students since their orientation (First Year). During the interaction between seniors and juniors, they start to understand and see how the culture in university and without realizing it themselves, they carry the university’s cultures within themselves. Other than that, as they start to participate in activities organize by either university or residential colleges, they learn about the UM’s students do their tasks or works, hence, they will be influenced to get things done in more or less the same methods.



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